Turkey Escorts – Incredibly Cost Effective Fun

Ask any guy who has been dragged through the divorce courts (and we all know someone don’t we?), and they will tell you the actual cost of their relationship. We are talking spouses here not some indiscretion with an escort – although that may well have been an influencer.

 It can be half of a guys business gone, at least half of his house and he may even have to sell his prized car. Needless to say there is an element of resentment when most of the time she was attending coffee mornings and flower arranging classes and now, here he is starting again.

Second time around, naturally, the guy is going to be much more cautious. Pre-nup agreements are not the most romantic of discussions early in a new relationship and the guy has to tread very carefully. Just actually dating initially can carry a high cost. 


The initial and inevitable drinks may set a guy back fifty quid and this process has to be carried out a few times before any real progress can be made. Then of course she will want a meal or two to ‘get to know you better’ which, agreed can be fun but the guy is probably ready for some real progress now, and his lady is being overly cautious. Not one for one night stands she proclaims, which probably is not exactly what the guy wants to hear at this stage.

So a few weeks in, the guy is down a few hundred quid at minimum and hasn’t got to first base yet. What else does he have to do?

Escorts are great value for money

What the guy may want to do at this stage, if for no other reason than to maintain his sanity, is to consider booking the services of an escort. Just stop to think about the advantages for a minute. No lengthy dating game is the obvious one. 

The guy can sit in the comfort of his hotel or home and browse through a high class escort agency website and delight himself for an hour or two browsing the opportunities. 

Knowing that booking an escort is a reality not just a fantasy will make the experience much more exciting. Like a new box of quality chocolates, he will be totally spoilt for choice as to who to meet for their date.

A huge choice of escorts available

Does he go with what usually attracts him? A leggy brunette, mid 30’s? Old enough to be experienced yet young enough to look superb. Or does he push himself and book a young teen escort, a busty young blonde for example? A little taboo perhaps but so what, he can have what he wants and may as well enjoy himself. 

Maybe you’re on a budget? We always advice a cheap escort if that is the case where you can have a girl arrive for £100 in the space of an hour.

The escort date itself may well start with a few drinks or even a meal perhaps, but this is different because he knows exactly how the date will finish – with the result that he wants. 

He can choose from a multitude of erotic experiences that suit his mood of the time and revel in some under sheet fun with a stunning young lady for as long as he wants. Once the date is over he can bid her farewell and roll over to fall asleep, safe in the comfort of the fact that he has no breakfast to make, no household chores and no small talk to repay her. 

And what does all this cost him? The reality is that an hour with an escort will cost him the same as  night buying a few drinks and a meal for a ‘maybe’ lady who may message him to see him again or, indeed, may not. And what is more, there are no additional costs involved after he has had his fun. His accountant would be proud of him. 

So the next time a guy thinks about dating a potential new partner and has one thing on his mind then slow down and think again. Consider the other options available to achieve your goal and the overall costs involved. 

Escorts are incredible value for money surely? And the icing on the cake – they won’t stalk you afterwards.

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